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SCCmec up to date

Currently identified SCCmec types in S.aureus strains

SCCmec types ccr gene complexes mec gene complexes strains
I 1 (A1B1)* B NCTC10442, COL
II 2 (A2B2) A N315, Mu50, Mu3, MRSA252, JH1, JH9
III 3 (A3B3) A 85/2082
IV 2 (A2B2) B CA05, MW2, 8/6-3P, 81/108, 2314, cm11, JCSC4469, M03-68, E-MRSA-15, JCSC6668, JCSC6670
V 5 (C1) C2 WIS(WBG8318), TSGH17, PM1,
VI 4 (A4B4) B HDE288
VII 5 (C1) C1 JCSC6082
VIII 4 (A4B4) A C10682, BK20781
IX 1(A1B1) C2 JCSC6943
X 7(A1B6) C1 JCSC6945
XI 8(A1B3) E LGA251

* A ccr gene or ccr genes in the gene complex are indicated in parenthesis.

Currently identified ccr gene complexes in staphylococci.

ccr gene complexes ccr genes SCCmec types carrying the ccr gene complexes
Type 1 A1B1 I, IX
Type 2 A2B2 II, IV
Type 3 A3B3 III
Type 4 A4B4** VI, VIII
Type 5 C1 V, VII
Type 6 A5B3
Type 7 A1B6 X
Type 8 A1B3 XI

**ccrA4B4 genes found in type VIII SCCmec were nearly identical to that in the S. epidermidis SCC-CI element and showed nucleotide identities to those found in type VI SCCmec of 89.6% and 94.5%, respectively.

Currently identified mec gene complexes in staphylococci.

mec gene complexes SCCmec types carrying the mec gene complexes
class A IS431-mecA-mecR1-mecI II, III, VIII
class B IS431-mecA-ΔmecR1-IS1272 I, IV, VI
class C1 IS431-mecA-ΔmecR1-IS431(two IS431s were arranged in the same direction) VII,X
class C2 IS431-mecA-ΔmecR1-IS431 ( two IS431s were arranged in the opposite direction) V, IX
class D IS431-mecA-ΔmecR1
class E blaZ-mecALGA251-mecR1LGA251-mecILGA251 XI