International Working Group on the Staphylococcal Cassette Chromosome elements (IWG-SCC)

How to report new SCCmec and SCCmec subtype

  • Before reporting/publishing new SCCmec and/or SCCmec subtype, researchers should contact the curator and obtain approval from IWG-SCC, to avoid duplicated names/numbers, and reporting structures which is not SCCmec.
  • Complete sequence of SCCmec is necessary.
  • IWG-SCC strongly recommends to use long-read sequencing technology (ex. Nanopore system, PacBio system, etc.) to confirm the sequence of a new cassette chromosome.
  • To keep the nomenclature of SCCmec types and subtypes appropriate, reporters should send the isolates containing candidates of new SCCmec element to SSI or NIID.
  • SSI and NIID will perform long-read whole genome sequencing and annotation to confirm the suggested nomenclature by reporters.
  • After deposition of the strains to SSI and NIID, SSI and NIID will share the strains when requested from outside to contribute to the research of SCCmec worldwide. Original reporters will be respected and be asked permissions to share the strains, every time, if necessary.

IWG-SCC has decided not to annotate new SCCmec subtypes in other species than S. aureus, due to the high complexity of the elements found in isolates other than S. aureus.

An alternative nomenclature is “SCCmec[NAME OF THE STRAIN]” that has already been used for non-aureus staphylococci.

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